3D Contest: And The Winner Is!!

The results are in!

First Place: Z-Glass, Second Place: Cypress 20; Third Place: Whidbey

See Larger Images Of The Winning Designs:


Congratulations to the designer of the Z-Glass, you have won yourself a set of plans, tickets to a workshop and the new Tumbleweed Construction Video. We hope this will help you on your path to building your very own tiny house. 

Thank you to all of you who designed and entered your house into the contest! 

Have you designed your own House-to-Go or Cottage 3d-Design? 

  • eolpm

    Folks, the photos are so small I can’t see what’s in them. Are there some larger photos you could post so we (the visitors to the site) can appreciate the winning qualities of the plans you’ve selected?



    • Tumbleweed_Tiny_House_Company

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your comment. We added links on the post, so you now you will be able to see larger images of the winning designs.

      • eolpm

        Thanks Tumbleweed!

  • Penny Schreiner

    I love the tumbleweed tiny house collection. Do you make any designs in the wheels to go in a single story? All of the current designs are too tall for our travel purposes. Some are too narrow for our windy area. Do you make a shell that I could design the inside by myself? I love to arrange usage of space.

    • Tracey Walker

      I would love to see this also. I would like to retire in a tiny house and I doubt I will want to climb up to a loft everynight when I’m 80

      • Penny Schreiner

        I’m with you Tracey, I am no spring chicken nor am I a bean pole, I have bad knees and love the tumbleweed tiny homes, but the current selection doesn’t fit my needs.

    • Kathy Morey

      Penny and Tracey, wouldn’t the single-story, trailer-mounted Popomo (or its big sister, the single-story, stationary Z-Glass) meet your needs? I, too, have considered this dilemma. The Popomo is most practical for me, too, as I’m already 71.

  • Mitchell Plyler

    could we get links to the Autodesk Homestyler designs (so we can play around with them)?

  • Penny Schreiner

    Most of the designs are good, but not all patterns suit everyone. I was thinking more along the lines of a barn style roof to lower the height since that is mostly the issues I have with the tiny houses to go. It would lower the ceiling for travel and keep the headroom adiquite for daily use. A pull-out couch for sleeping, put the bathroom across the end with the kitchen open to the common area, plenty of room still for storage and function. Yes, I’m a dreamer.

  • BenBrownEA

    I’ve been working on attempting to use Pattern Language principles on my design and tailoring them to cherished patterns from my childhood. The 2nd place winner is so close to my design but a far clearer statement. If we stick with a “traditional” pattern I have proof it works by pointing here. Very, very neat serendipity.

  • T J

    Love your small cottages, but would like to see some designed with wheelchair access in mind…


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