3D Contest – Finalist

We asked you to decorate your own Tumbleweed just the way you wanted it and you delivered! After going through all the entries, our own Austin has selected three finalist. No matter what happens, these three are going to win amazing prizes but we need to know what you think.

The Three Finalist Are:


Vote for your favorite by clicking here

These Finalist Are In The Running For:

1st-prize 2nd-prize 3rd-prize

1st Place

  • Free set of Plans

2nd Place

  • Free Set of Plans

3rd Place

Voting Ends on July 31st, 2013.  The winners will be announced in an upcoming blog.


Good Luck!

  • CandideThirtythree

    How do you see the pictures in a larger forma and how do you vote?

    • Tumbleweed_Tiny_House_Company

      There are now links on the page to click to view each of the houses in a larger image. To vote for your favorite, click on the following link to be directed to the voting page

  • dogcart

    This is crazy. You ask us to vote on which one of the entries that is best decorated and you don’t provide pics to chose from. Is the story incomplete?

    • Tumbleweed_Tiny_House_Company

      Sorry about that dogcart,

      There are now links for you to click on to view a larger image of each of the designs. We hope this helps.

  • Valerie

    want to vote but can’t see the images well enough.

    • Tumbleweed_Tiny_House_Company

      Hi Valeria, sorry about that. We just added links to view larger images of each design. Hopefully this will make it better to view and vote!

  • Seremi99

    I can’t even see the images in order to make a decision. Make them larger so we can see what we’re voting for! Please;)

    • Tumbleweed_Tiny_House_Company

      Hi Seremi99,

      We just added links to view each design in a larger image. Now you will be able to view each house larger. Enjoy!

  • Dawn Steward

    Great designs guys! I need the tiny mobile communities help. I am a traveling nurse and my home is a pre-manufactured 26ft car hauler pulled by a deuce and half and bringing along a dog kennel. My mans dream but I am a more wood and nature kind of girl………how to I make this black white chrome and metal monster homey???? HELP!!!!!!!!!!


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