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New to the Tumbleweed Website – 3D Interactive Models of Tumbleweed Cottages!


Have fun designing and furnishing your own virtual small space! This new feature on the Tumbleweed website allows you to view your space from all directions and to learn which cottage would be the best fit for your lifestyle. Perfect for dreamers, planners and those already in the construction process!



 Tumbleweed’s own Austin Hay used the Enesti floorplan
to create his own design with incredible results


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Enter Our 3D Cottage Interior Design Contest!

No Experience Necessary!


We want to see your interior design/layout ideas for our Tumbleweed Cottages! Check out this new feature to our website, have fun and maybe win a great prize!


1st-prize 2nd-prize 3rd-prize

1st Place

  • Free set of Plans

2nd Place

  • Free Set of Plans

3rd Place



The Rules

  • Must be a Tumbleweed Cottage or House-to-Go

  • We Will Judge on Interior Design Only

  • Submit your design by July 15th, 2013 to

  • Include with your design your name and the best email address at which to contact you


We will pick the top 5 best looking designs and let YOU vote for your favorite!



Start Designing Now

  • Seahare McClough

    Well done, Austin!

  • CandideThirtythree

    How do you move the walls?

  • Roger Pilon

    What software did you use?

  • Virginia L Beach

    I have been playing around with this new designing program for the past day or two, and while I do find it to be fun…I also find the program to be somewhat limiting. As has been asked in an earlier comment, how does one move/change walls? It seems that for some of the houses they can be removed somewhat, but for other houses they cannot. You don’t have a whole lot of flexibility with the walls, and sometimes attempts to remove part of a wall ends up with removal of the whole wall (which means no privacy in the bathroom!) Nor can you change windows, etc. This design program is a nice start, but it could use some tweaking. I’d also like to see a few more choices in items – for example, I would love to be able to put a fireplace in my tumbleweed house, but that’s not an option that is included. Thanks for the effort…but it could use a bit of tweaking!

    • Austin

      In our best efforts we can not tweak it the way you want it to be.

      I have spent many hours trying to work around the problem and I have yet to find a solution.

      I am sorry i could not be more help if you have any more questions feel free to email me at



      • Virginia L Beach

        Thanks for replying, Austin.

        As I said, the program IS a good start, and it does allow me to get a better vision of how I could furnish such a house. I was actually a bit surprised to see how roomy such a house can actually be if you’re willing to downsize and do away with a lot of “stuff” that many of us don’t really need. It was fun to see what the possibilities can be.

        However, I do hope that you don’t give up and keep looking for a way to make the program a little more “user-friendly.” I see so much potential for it, but I do think some of us could get a little frustrated with those limitations. Good luck finding some solutions!

  • Kate

    I don’t even want to move or remove a whole wall, I’d just like to move a closet door a little to one side. I’m sure that wouldn’t create a problem with the design in real life, so why won’t it budge in this design software?

  • Michelle Robertson

    When we downsize, our chairs will be Amish rockers, well padded with removable washable covers. Lightweight, quite comfortable, good lumbar support.

  • Leah Graham

    The structural, window, and door tabs are all missing, making it impossible to edit the those parts of the plan. Please fix this.

  • Laura Gayner

    The before and after picture clearly shows removed walls in the design. I don’t know how we can submit a design without being able to manipulate the floor plan. I would like to experiment with designing, not decorating. Thank you.

  • Jeff Johnson

    I have been working on this design program for a couple hours now to submit for the contest, but have a few problems. How do you put in doors, and new walls? How do you orient the stairs to go down to a basement?


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