A Valentines Day Story from Tumbleweed

“These Tumbleweed Houses look great Joe…but good luck finding a girl to live with you!”

Happy Valentine’s Day, Tumbleweeders! Today we bring you a special story of one of our newest members, Joe Coover, and the role Tumbleweed Tiny House Company played in his meeting the love of his life.

Joe Coover has been a dedicated fan of Tumbleweed for over a decade. What started as a curiosity and novelty idea soon grew into a passion for tiny living. After traveling abroad during university, he found a small apartment under 200 square foot and started saving for his future home. He had almost everything figured out…almost.

joe and bre

Breanna was beginning her last semester at college when she got a message from Joe on an online dating website. She’d put in her profile that “If you love Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, stop what you’re doing right now and send me a message.” As a fellow tiny house lover, Joe did just that. They exchanged witty and whimsical e-mails for a few days when, without a word, she deleted her account. Hopeful Facebook searches ensued to no avail since all Breanna had was an artsy picture of her feet. It seemed the Universe didn’t have it in the cards for Joe and his Tumbleweed sweetheart.

Three long months went by for Joe with no contact from Bre. Then one beautiful spring morning, Joe was unusually early for work. A familiar girl in a white dress crossed in front of his car at the stoplight. Half a block down the road, he realized it was the tiny house girl. He knew, while a bit awkward, it was his only chance.

It couldn’t have been a worse time to introduce himself. Joe was looking sketchy in his undershirt and dirty car. He had no option but to honk to get the girl’s attention. Breanna later admitted that she was a little wary when the first words out of Joe’s mouth were, “Do I know you?” “I…don’t think so,” she replied, certain he was laying down a pickup line.

She didn’t remember him at first glance because he had cut off a full foot of hair since the photos she had seen, but when he mentioned he was a magician, everything fell back in place. Joe opted for the no-pressure approach by giving his number to Bre with hope that she would give him a call.

One week later they were dating. Soon after, his 200 square foot apartment had one more and they thought they couldn’t be happier. On the contrary, almost two years later, Joe got his dream job in Sonoma, CA working with Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. What could make this love story even better this February 14? Why, it’s also Breanna’s birthday! We’re having birthday cake, but however you choose to spend the day, we hope you enjoyed our Tumbleweed love story.

  • brenda smith

    As Breanna’s mother I vouch for the truth of this story. Happy birthday Bre!

  • Susan Harrigan

    Too cute you two! Live tiny, love large

  • Cassie Baker

    Happy Birthday Bre Bre…that’s what I call my daughter! Hope you have lots of cake and ice cream!

  • Rhia R. Ferner Drouillard

    That is wonderful! I wish I could meet a Tumbleweed man.

  • Sage Blackthorn

    That is a great story. Happy Birthday Bre!

  • Teri Foster

    Oh, I loved that story! And so well-written, Joe… thank you for sharing it!

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  • Kai Rostcheck

    I love this story! So glad it worked out for both of them. I had read several other posts from people lamenting how hard it could be to find “Tiny House Love” so I created Tiny House Dating to serve our community. Hopefully we’ll have more pairings to share next Valentine’s Day…


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