An Open House in Washington D.C.

We have so many fans who have attended a Tumbleweed Workshop and send us pictures of their tiny houses. We love how these fans have gone into a workshop with a dream and turned that into a reality. One fan recently came to us with so much more. Lee Pera attended a workshop on the East Coast and was so inspired by what she learned that she organized a group of people to build a row of tiny houses in Washington D.C.(We will share an interview with her soon!)

Lee and her group just closed on a parcel of land on which they will all build their tiny houses together. She is such an inspiration to us that we were delighted when she agreed to host an open house on April 14-15 in D.C. featuring the Fencl. Her motivation and drive is contagious and if you dream of building a tiny house community, she is full of ideas and practical knowledge. This group of builders will host the open house on one of the largest community gardens in D.C. which just broke ground in March.

We will keep you updated on her group’s progress over the coming months and we have some special upcoming events with Lee that you won’t want to miss. For now, sign up for the open house on our Facebook event page and be sure to share the event link with your Facebook friends!

Click here to sign up. 


By Bridget Thornton — March 15, 2013

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  • Gin Di Battista

    I’m sorry I didn’t know about this at the time. I hope that you’ll be able to have another open house soon!

    I’m in F’burg south of you guys… I’m in the research stage of my tiny house/vardo plans. I’d love to have the chance to see yours and chat about anything you loved/hated about the build.

  • Gin Di Battista

    if you leave out the loft, you could just raise the side walls a little as needed. You might have to change the roof pitch, but I can’t imagine that you’d bonk your head then. :-)

    Good luck!


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