And the Pinterest Contest winner is…

We challanged our fans to create Pinterest boards about their tiny Tumbleweed home. We couldn’t choose just 10, so we expanded the field to 14.

Runner UP: Amy Owens

Winner: Robyn O’Gorman

What do you think of their future homes? Would you choose natural wood, blue, or go in a completely different direction?

  • Kim Fryer

    Congrats, Robin and Amy! I love both of your boards!

  • Amy Owens

    Congrats Robyn!!

  • Ann Lillard Block

    Way to go, Amy and Robyn!!!


    Congrats Amy & Robyn!

  • James F. O’Gorman

    Everyone did a great job! Awesome work, Amy. Congrats Robyn <3

    • Robyn L. Neal O’Gorman

      Amy’s was awesome! This was a great way to bring together ideas and share our mutual love of Tiny Houses!

      • James F. O’Gorman

        How do you claim your prize darling?

  • Miranda

    Well done, ladies! :)

  • Rhonda

    CONGRATULATIONS to both of you! I’ve enjoyed your Boards. Personally, I think an all white painted wood (don’t want to lose the QUALITY) decor is more restful to the eye and goes well with any color that you want to decorate with inside. When I build mine it will have white ceilings, white cabinetry except for a few black pantry style cabinets with glass knobs to separate “rooms” (mine will be 8.5×40), white appliances, and dark stained wood for both floor & counertops that match, and the decor can easily change by recovering pillows, etc.


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