Austin’s Open House: October 2012

He was only 15 when he decided to start building his Tumbleweed Fencl. I remember the day I met the bright eyed high school sophomore at a Tumbleweed event. He came right up to me and said that we were going to help him build a Tumbleweed and that he would blog about the process.

Austin has generously donated his time to come to our workshops and share his story. He reminds people that if a kid can do it, so can anyone else. Now 17 years old, he has just completed his Tumbleweed and is revealing it Saturday October 6th, from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm in Santa Rosa, CA. The event is open to the public.

To protect Austin’s privacy, we aren’t publishing his address online. Simply sign up and you’ll receive the open house locations via email. Your email will not be shared or sold.



See a clip of Austin on “Extreme RV”


By Tumbleweed Houses — March 16, 2013

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  • Donna C.

    Since I live on the opposite coast I hope you will have photos of the completed project on the website. This is just awesome, I think you have a very bright future, Austin.

  • Brendiux

    Would love to see a virtual tour. I can’t attend open house :(

  • Joy

    LOVE IT! I will be out of town that day but would love to see it. I keep telling my 24 and 22 year old that if they do their own place they can stop paying rent….Smart guy!

  • Kirsten

    Please film it for us people who are too far away to go :)

  • Luis

    is there anyone having problems to se the video?

    • Sage Blackthorn

      I did the first time, then I just re-loaded the page and it played fine.

  • tthom2

    Will someone be posting pics or vid of the Completed project?? I’m so impressed . . . and . . . . frankly JEALOUS that an ambitious 15-17 yr old has done what I keep making excuses about.

  • Nina Wikstrom Aguilar

    Actually, I am bummed out. I thought you were having a Tumbleweed Open House close to me, in Austin, Texas. I live close to Houston, and have no way to get to Santa Rosa…. Oh well.


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