Dee Williams Joins Tumbleweed

With our workshop schedule in full swing, we wanted to take the time to introduce you to our team of experts. First up, Dee Williams.

Dee holds a special place in our hearts over here at Tumbleweed HQ. Her enthusiastic support and dedication are unmatched. She is the first of our customers to build a Tumbleweed house from recycled materials. Take a look at the video below. Look at the craftsmanship of the house and keep these facts in mind: it’s built from recycled materials and it only cost $10,000 to build. Impressive, aye?

Dee has shared her passion for building with many others, assisting them with their tiny house projects. During the workshop, she teaches people how to build a house and will talk about what it is like scavenging for recycled materials and living in just 84 square feet.  Her first Seattle workshop is in just a few weeks. Her experience, dedication and construction skills really are an asset. As Dee says:

“Seven years ago my answer was to build a little house. I got rid of my mortgage; I got rid of most of my personal possessions and downsized myself into a little tiny house. One bedroom, four wheels, seven windows, 84 square feet of living space. It’s got everything I need. A place to cook, a place to pee, a place to hang out, a place to be Dee Williams.”

In addition to the workshops, Dee is hosting an Open House at her Tumbleweed on Saturday, February 18th. See the details here. You can also get a copy of her informative pdf guidebook Go House Go at a special price of only $15.99.



Go House Go pdf download

Price: $19.99

Sale ends February 29th

We know you’ll enjoy Dee’s presentation and we look forward to seeing her in action in 2012.

Get the flash player here:


  • Regina

    I wish I could attend the work shop in Montreal. Oh well hopefully next time.
    Dee you’re an inspiration!

  • Gin Di Battista

    She uses the shower in the main house (she parks in a friend’s back yard) in exchange for helping her friend out.

  • Gin Di Battista

    I believe that she uses a composting toilet.

  • Gin Di Battista

    I believe she refills the cistern inside her tiny house from the main house’s water supply. Also, I believe she powers the few electronics with a cord attached to the main house’s outdoor plug. She pays a small amount to her “land lady” for utilities each month.

  • Jimmy Fest

    I’m guessing Dee cooks her meals in her kitchen, and she “bathes” in her shower, both of which are part of her tiny house.

  • Susan B. Grimes

    Hi Dee, I have a question you may can answer, or can refer me to someone else. Its about solar power. I work from home on a desktop computer a solid 8 hrs a day. How many panels would I need to support this kind of power usage? I really want to downsize to a tiny house and save money. Thanks

  • Kelly Vaughn

    I saw you on Youtube. Went to search for you..NOT even surprised these guys grabbed you up…lol.


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