House Material Costs

Estimated material costs for Tiny Houses

Updated: 08/01/2013

Trailer Size  14′
Cypress 20
Linden 20
TrailerHouse material costs - Learn more about trailers 3,800 4,100 4,400
General Materials 5,000 5,500 6,000
Insulation 1,200 1,500 1,700
Roofing 550 650 700
Exterior Siding 600 700 800
Interior Siding 500 600 700
Flooring 500 600 700
Windows 3,400 3,400 3,400
Appliances 1,000 1,000 1,000
Fixtures 1,600 1,600 1,600
Mechanicals 2,500 2,500 2,500
Sales Tax 1,652 1,772 1,880
Total 22,302 23,922 25,380

Please note that the cost prices are only estimates. We’ve included sales tax since it is often overlooked, but is a large number.

  • Kristina

    Hi Spencer, I love to cook too, and you’d be amazed how doable 2 burners can be if you get a nice cordless water boiler.  That frees up one burner.  If you get a small rice cooker as well that’s another burner free (if you cook rice).  Then you have one burner for your entree and one for a side dish.

    • Spencer

      Kristina, that is great advice but what if i wanted to cook a pizza or a cake or something you could not cook on a stove top

      • ElohiM

         If you get one of these little houses, buying one of these  might be a good option.  I have one in the house, as does my mother, and we both love them.  They toast, roast, bake and broil.  The sides and top get hot, but that’s true with a regular oven too.  It’s the perfect little oven for one of these houses and the first thing I thought to add!  Second was the electric tea kettle.  ^_^

  • Ruth

    Fantastic houses. Do you use solar panelling for electricity?

  • Josh Schlinkert

    Great little homes! I was thinking about trying to build one of these tiny homes for my senior project. I have always been interested in architecture and Tiny houses like these so I think it would be a great topic for my project.

  • Jbr2000

    can i put solar panels on the roof

  • Nickalex00

    I think the weebee is awesome

  • Holly Daughtrey

    I’m actually interested if jay can do a custom built house to order. What i mean by that is combine certain plan designs into something you may not have yet. With a price like this, I’d love to have one build to live in especially now since finances have drastically tightened my life as well as simplify it (i have so few possessions that i can EASILY fit my life into such a wonderful and cozy home that i can go anywhere with). I’d love to see jay do a workshop in Texas, SA or Austin area. Austin area is a very green city. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t taken advantage of such a market down here yet.

  • Andrea D

    Hello, I’m doing some research on these houses, and I have a question- How stable are these houses in heavy winds? They look extremely well balanced but I am curious.
    Thank you for your time. :)

  • Amariah Grajales

    If these are the material costs, are you selling the materials, or is this just some extra info? And are the plans included if you are selling materials?

  • Harold Wheat

    I notice that there is no sheetrock in the building materials. Is there a reason for this?

  • Digiadam

    Would REALLY love one of the fenci models but I am quite tall at 6’7″. I have no experience at all with construction. What can I do with altering the Fenci design?

  • Huan

    Could Jay Schaffer offer a possibility to install solar energy panels to make the tiny house completely off-grid ? also using electric hot plate and electric radiator instead of gas might help budget a bunch

  • drew

    where do you live that allows you to build a structure up to 140 sq ft without a permit?

  • Random Internet Guy

    That’s what I’m going to do eventually. I plan on reinforcing the ceiling joists where the panels will attach. Doubling up the 2×4 and attaching it with a couple-three lag bolts should be enough.

  • Random Internet Guy

    I’m aiming to do this – I have replaced all my lights with led bulbs (which take very little electricity) and have to figure out how to get the A/C unit consumption down without burning to a crisp.

  • Jacob

    Please update this! The trailer costs are not the cost of the trailers Tumbleeweed now sells and this list doesn’t account for the plans which can be from $500 – $900. Please update!

  • Khala McShan

    I’m so excited to start building our cypress 20! if you want to follow our build check out

  • Dardar311

    Hi Spencer. I have 2 NuWave cook tops that are wonderful to use and can be stored when not in use. So you could have the 2 burner every day stove and 2 extra burners whenever you need them without a loss of counter/prep space. I have also used them for cookouts outside with an extension cord for stuff that I don’t have space for on my grill.

  • Dardar311

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