KCI The school year ended

Clearly we didn’t finish the entire project within the school year, but we did finish a good chunk of it.  I’ve hired a few of the students to complete the project.  We were three days still in the shop at school before we put on the roof and moved to my house.

What still needs finishing?

Window – foam insulation

Loft flooring

A few more sheets of plywood on the roof

The post on the porch and the final roof rafter.

Metal roof needs adding


Kitchen cabinets and Livingroom cupboard

I bought doors for the kitchen and livingroom cupboards, so that’s a bit of a time saving. They were pretty cheap and they’re quite simple shaker style.  I can’t wait to actually see these finished. Bob will complete the cabinets at the wood shop, then he’ll install them in my driveway.

We had a guy from Ontario hydro (Ontario Safety? Some official name) come out to inspect the electrical and he gave it the thumbs up, so we were able to go ahead and close up the walls.  This was a bit of a nerve wracking process, but ended up being nothing at all, really.

All that worrying for nothing.


By Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — March 15, 2013

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