KCI Torrential rains

Denny and Aaron added more flooring to the loft.  I am happy, my tall husband will be even happier.  They also got the final roofing truss up, because that night the torrential rains came down.

The rain lasted about four hours; fortunately there was only a wee bit of water in the place.  It was easily cleared up, and I placed a bucket or two to catch anything else, then my daughter and I threw on yet another tarp.  This one isn’t nearly as large as the first one. It’s held down with skipping ropes since all the real ropes are holding down the other larger tarp.  We had quite a bit of fun getting the tarps up.  First we attached ropes to one side and then attached the ropes to croc shoes, then we started throwing.  It should have been a contest.  In general, three tosses and we got it over far enough that we could grab the other end, then it was just a matter of hauling the tarp up, then tying it down.

Tarps tend to get caught (and torn) on the roof peaks. That’s where the water gets in.


By Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School — March 15, 2013

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