Measuring square footage

Understanding how square footage is measured is similar to uncovering a hidden mystery for most people. In the past, we’ve made it simple and listed the total square feet of many of our homes irregardless of ceiling height. We did this because we felt it gave a better representation of “usable” space, and less people were confused. After years of being unconventional, we’ve decided to conform as much as possible when listing the total square feet for our homes.

Generally, a ceiling height must be over 7 feet tall to be counted as square feet. Since many of our homes under 130 square feet have ceiling heights of less than 7 feet, we will measure the square footage of the house simply by the total footprint. The rules for room with sloped ceilings are intricate; but a quick summation is that if the ceiling height is above 5 feet, that portion is included in the square footage. If the ceiling height is below 5 feet, that area is not included.

When measuring the total square footage of a house, the exterior walls are usually included. We’ve included measurements to the framing of the house (and not the exterior finish). See it gets complicated. Just know that the total house measurements include the walls, and typically room sizes do not.

You will notice that the total square feet on our homes might be different from the past on both our website and from some of our printed materials. Please know that the houses haven’t changed, only the area that is measured.

  • Sean Eaton

    Love the sitting nook and added loft space over the door of the Fencl and the porch of the Walden.  As anyone tried to extend a porch off the back of the Fencl? How did it go? What about adapting the plans for the Fencl to the trailer size of the PoPoMo to get a bit more square footage and a porch. I’m just curious what peoples thoughts are. Thanks.

  • Ginger Pruitt

    I am 62 i don’t need a lot of space, I dont climb too well so i don’t need a loft. I also dont need a large queen sized bed, but i do need a shower, which tiny house would be a good match for me? I do a lot of computer work. Thinking about selling my house and moving around a bit. dont want anything my mazda cant handle.

  • OLbaggin

    Hi! I have been looking at your tiny houses for some time. Wishing for one since you started making them. I am 62 and i sure would love to own and live in one of your tiny houses. one large enough for one little old lady that cant climb. I live alone now so i want to downsize. i need one with a sink shower and toilet. I plan on living in it year round. I cant clean a large house any more any way. i need one with a small washer/dryer.  stove refrigerator etc… which one would you suggest i look into?

  • Pascale Agnel

    How do you justify to a potential buyer the excessive highly priced square footage of a small house? At $60K, the Linden is more than $400 a sqft.
    I’ve tried to sell our 800 sq ft perfectly built cabin at $300 the sq ft, but buyers and appraisers are puzzled…to say the least!


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