Meet Our New Builders in Colorado

When Dave Fisher says he has a family business, he means it. The Fishers grew up Amish in Pennsylvania, and true to their roots, are very talented when it comes to carpentry: they just finished building their first Tumbleweed Fencl(Cypress 18 – Overlook) in about two weeks.

Dave and his brothers have been in the construction industry since 1993. Believe it or not, his favorite project from the Montana days was a subdivision. They got to build all of the houses in the development, ranging from about 1,500 to 3,000 square feet in size. Now the brothers have scaled down significantly. Their company, The Shed Yard, specializes in high quality storage sheds, garages, gazebos, and other outdoor buildings and accessories.

web001Outside the Fencl(Cypress 18 – Overlook) in snowy Colorado 

Only recently, however, did it occur to the brothers to try their hand at a tiny house. “Someone approached me at a home show in Denver and told me to look up Tumbleweed. I went to the website, and thought, I’d love to build one of these.”

After attending the Santa Rosa workshop in October, the brothers met up with Tumbleweed’s President/CEO Steve Weissmann. They talked for hours, and made a decision: the brothers would build a Fencl(Cypress 18 – Overlook), and thus be added to the growing network of Tumbleweed builders- great news for Colorado! Given the company’s experience with building small structures, tiny houses made a lot of sense. “The great part about building the tiny house was that we could do it inside the warehouse. We could stay warm in the Colorado winter, and didn’t have to have any building permits- we’d never experienced that with other kinds of house building.”

This is the first time they have built anything on a trailer, but it didn’t prove too much of a challenge for the intrepid brothers. They’ve got team work down to a science: Dave’s brother Ben handled most of the wood cutting, while Dave preferred the assembly portion. Ben also handled the wiring, having experience wiring large houses. Alan, Dave and Ben’s brother-in-law, managed the interior and put some of the finishing touches on. Dave’s sister and his wife helped also a great deal, running errands and handling other business. The only person to work on the house who wasn’t related to the Fishers was the plumber!

webtt033Keeping warm inside- look at that beautiful wood!

While the house is nearly identical to the Fencl plans, they did make a few modifications. The house is wired to easily accommodate solar panels, and the low-flush toilet can be replaced with a composting toilet. Dave wants customers to be able to customize the house with ease, and to encourage off-the-grid living. If he can convince his wife, he might even build a self-contained Fencl(Cypress 18 – Overlook) of his own. 

To see more images of their Fencl(Cypress 18 – Overlook), Click Here

  • Staceyranae Hays

    this is beautiful !!

  • Christina

    Love it! Can you provide any information on the modifications that were necessary in the wiring to make it easily accommodate solar panels and to the plumbing to make it easy to put in a composting toilet?

  • Robert Walton

    I’m in Fort Collins. Where are you located? Do you allow house tours?

  • Chris Ott

    I’m ver8y curious as to how one can purchase one of the mobile cabins. Can you give the details? Chris

  • Kennda Varnum

    How would I get in touch with Dave and his brothers regarding building a cottage in Colorado?

  • Dave Moore

    Is any way my wife and I would be able to check out this tiny house in Colorado? We are located in Denver and would love to visit it and see if this is the right choice for us. Thanks

  • Athena Goulet

    I am in the middle of watching the Tumbleweed construction video, and I am in love with these three brothers. I love that they work together, they seem so nice and knowledgeable. I wish I had the money to have them build me a tiny house. :)


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