What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Trailer For Your Tiny House



Trailer Anatomy

Types of Trailers (Flat-Bed)

Deck-Between   DECK-BETWEEN:
A deck-between trailer is a flat bed trailer where the bed of the trailer is between the wheel wells. The width of the bed is restricted by how far apart the wheel wells can be. The advantage of a deck-between trailer is that the bed of the trailer is low to the ground, allowing for a taller house to be built on it.
Deck-Over Trailer   DECK-OVER
A deck over trailer is a flat bed trailer where the bed of the trailer is over the top of the wheels. The bed can be up to 8′ wide. A deck over trailer is higher off the ground, and is suitable for one-story houses without lofts.
Dovetail Trailer   DOVETAIL
A dovetail trailer can be either a deck-between or deck-over trailer, but it has a section at the rear of the trailer that angles to the ground. Generally this is found on trailers that are made to haul cars or other vehicles. The angled portion allows a vehicle to be loaded on the trailer more easily. This is not a good trailer to use to build a house upon. The dovetail creates an awkward platform to build on and requires additional welding and modification before it will be ready for a house.
Gooseneck Trailer   GOOSENECK
A gooseneck trailer can be either a deck-between or deck-over trailer, but it has a special hitch connection. The trailer hitches to the bed of a truck that is fitted with a ball hitch in the bed of the truck. This connection allows for pulling larger trailers, and is generally a more stable way to pull a heavily loaded trailer. Building a house on a gooseneck is fine.

When choosing a trailer to build your house upon, there are several considerations to be mindful of. A trailer is built with axles connecting the wheels that are rated for certain load capacities. The axles will be able to carry a certain amount of weight each. This is referred to as the GWVR, or Gross Weight Vehicle Rating. A double axle trailer with two axles each rated for 3,500 pounds will mean that your trailer can hold 7,000 pounds total. Keep in mind that the GVWR includes the weight of the trailer. So if the trailer is rated for 7,000 lbs and the trailer weighs 1,500 lbs, you can put 5,500 lbs on it. On our website, we list the weight of our houses including the weight of the trailer.

Trailers usually include brake lights, a license plate, and a breaking mechanism. The lights and brakes attach to your towing vehicle, and when you use the brakes, it will also apply the brakes to the trailer to signal to the person behind you.

The hitch connection of the trailer attaches to the hitch ball on the rear bumper of your towing vehicle. There are many sizes for hitch balls, but almost all are either 2″ or 2 5/16″ (2 5/16″ are recommended). The hitch ball on your towing vehicle is easily changable. Parts for the hitch of your towing vehicle can be purchased at Auto supply stores and are generally not too expensive if you need to swap out a hitch ball.

Your towing vehicle should also have a maximum GWVR for towing. This can be found online for your year, make and model, or in the owner’s manual for your vehicle. Confirm that the weight rating for your towing vehicle is appropriate for the weight of your tiny house before towing it.

Tumbleweed has made it easy for you to find the right trailer, by designing…

The Tumbleweed Trailer


Learn more about what makes the Tumbleweed Trailer different than any other trailer


3D Contest – Finalist

We asked you to decorate your own Tumbleweed just the way you wanted it and you delivered! After going through all the entries, our own Austin has selected three finalist. No matter what happens, these three are going to win amazing prizes but we need to know what you think.

The Three Finalist Are:


Vote for your favorite by clicking here

These Finalist Are In The Running For:

1st-prize 2nd-prize 3rd-prize

1st Place

  • Free set of Plans

2nd Place

  • Free Set of Plans

3rd Place

Voting Ends on July 31st, 2013.  The winners will be announced in an upcoming blog.


Good Luck!


See The Linden at The Sonoma County Fair Tiny Town

Going to the Sonoma County Fair? So is Tumbleweed! See the new Linden design and get to know other fans and Tumbleweed experts. We will be located (appropriately enough) in Tiny Town just in front of the blue wall on the Community Theater lawn.


Visit the Sonoma County Fairs Website for more information: Tiny Town on The Green

The Sonoma County Fair runs from July 25th – August 11th, 2013

Tiny House Tours: 

Tuesday – Sunday: 12pm – 5pm


Sonoma Fair Grounds – Map

Interested in renting this house? Click here to learn more


See more images of the Linden and download the FREE study plans

**Update: 7/26/2013**

Here are some photos taken by the Tumbleweed staff at opening day of The Sonoma County Fair. Great turnout for Day 1, looking forward to the rest of the time at the fair.





Group Build 2013: Let The Building Begin!

Hello, Tumbleweed fans!

My name is Sarah. My partner, Joseph and I are Tumbleweed fans too… so much so that we are building one! We are super-excited to be joining two other couples in a group build this summer.

Meet the awesome folks we’ll be building with:

  • Meg and Dan Stephens will be building Meg’s own design, the Tumbleweed Linden. Meg is the rockstar, ahem, in-house architect at Tumbleweed.
  • You may remember Joe and Breanna from their sweet Valentine’s Day story about how a love of Tumbleweed houses actually brought them together. They will be building the classic yet modern Cypress 20 with dormers.
  • And finally, Joseph and I can’t wait to get started building the tiny house of our dreams, a modified Cypress 20. You can read more about us, and follow our tiny house journey at

Over the next few months we six will be sharing a work site, some tools and resources, and muscles. Each couple will be working mainly on their own house, but we’ll help each other out as needed, with practical things like lifting up the walls, and with the intangibles, like advice and learning from each others’ mistakes. Even as we’re just getting started, it’s also nice to know that there are others in this with us.

We’ll be reporting back to you every week or so about our progress, what we’re learning about building, and about building with a group.


We’ve been planning for our builds and buying materials for a couple of months now, but we felt like we were getting started for real a few days ago when our beautiful new Tumbleweed trailers rolled into town. As you can see in the photo, the trailers look great (and so do we!)

Joseph and I found out they also roll (and brake!) just as beautifully when we hitched ours to our truck and towed it a few hours into Eastern California to pick up some cedar siding. We’re already seeing a financial benefit to doing the build as a group as we were able to share the cost of a full pallet of surplus siding at a good price. A pallet is too much for one tiny house, but should work out just great for three houses.

We’ve got the trailers; the group build begins!

-Sarah Weintraub

Sarah Weintraub and Joseph Schommer of Seeds With Wings will be joining the Tumbleweed writing team for the next few months to report on a very exciting new project… a group build of three Tumbleweeds to take place this Summer and Fall in Sonoma, CA.


Just Added: House-to-Go 3D Design



Now you can design any of our House-to-Go models with our 3D Home Design feature! 

Have fun designing and furnishing your own virtual small space! This new feature on the Tumbleweed website allows you to view your space from all directions and to learn which cottage would be the best fit for your lifestyle. Perfect for dreamers, planners and those already in the construction process!

Start Designing Now


Submit your House-to-Go 3D Design in our contest, and have a chance to win some great prizes!


1st-prize 2nd-prize 3rd-prize

1st Place

  • Free set of Plans

2nd Place

  • Free Set of Plans

3rd Place



The Rules

  • Must be a Tumbleweed House-to-Go or Cottage

  • We Will Judge on Interior Design Only

  • Submit your design by July 15th, 2013 to

  • Include with your design your name and the best email address at which to contact you


We will pick the top 5 best looking designs and let YOU vote for your favorite!



Start Designing Now



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