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Hi Tumbleweed Fans!

Next week on July 1 ends the first three months that I have been working for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company as the new in-house Architect. It’s been an exciting ride so far – I love getting to meet you at workshops (hello to my friends from the Sacramento, Nashville, and Berkeley workshops!) and diving into the details of how a tiny house is constructed differently from regular construction. 


Working at Tumbleweed is a dream job for me. I wake up every morning excited to get to work and see what I can accomplish – and hopefully impact your lives for the better. In my most recent design, I listened to the feedback that I was getting from many of you about wanting a loft sleeping area but needing more space. A loft for two people is a different animal than a loft for one. I also had this concern for my own build, which my husband Dan and I recently began work on.  I love reading in bed at night – my most recent book is “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss – and Dan likes to play games on his iPad before going to sleep, so we wanted a loft where we could both sit up comfortably. A regular loft with a 12/12 pitch is a little cramped for that. 


When I set out to design a house for my own family, I thought about ways in which to incorporate a bigger, functional sleeping loft and still have a beautiful exterior. I have long admired the B-53 cottage plans, and I started there. I am pleased to share with you the newest design in the Tumbleweed House to Go family: The Linden!


Plans and details will be available on the Tumbleweed website in early July.

Happy Hammering!





Meg Stephens


3D Models Contest


New to the Tumbleweed Website – 3D Interactive Models of Tumbleweed Cottages!


Have fun designing and furnishing your own virtual small space! This new feature on the Tumbleweed website allows you to view your space from all directions and to learn which cottage would be the best fit for your lifestyle. Perfect for dreamers, planners and those already in the construction process!



 Tumbleweed’s own Austin Hay used the Enesti floorplan
to create his own design with incredible results


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Enter Our 3D Cottage Interior Design Contest!

No Experience Necessary!


We want to see your interior design/layout ideas for our Tumbleweed Cottages! Check out this new feature to our website, have fun and maybe win a great prize!


1st-prize 2nd-prize 3rd-prize

1st Place

  • Free set of Plans

2nd Place

  • Free Set of Plans

3rd Place



The Rules

  • Must be a Tumbleweed Cottage or House-to-Go

  • We Will Judge on Interior Design Only

  • Submit your design by July 15th, 2013 to

  • Include with your design your name and the best email address at which to contact you


We will pick the top 5 best looking designs and let YOU vote for your favorite!



Start Designing Now


What’s new with Derek “Deek” Diedricksen at Tumbleweed

Hey Tumbleweedians!

First, to spread the word about what I do with Tumbleweed, and with tiny housing and design in general, I’ve started a new Facebook discussion/tiny house page- where you can also reach me with building, design, and workshop questions- its


I just wanted to thank those involved with the very recent Boston, MA workshop for being such a kick-butt, super-friendly, open-minded, awesome group. I had an absolute blast teaching the class, we were able to unveil/introduce one of Tumbleweed’s newest team members, solar-guru Ross Beck, AND, we even got to go on a field trip to visit THE FIRST EVER built Tumbleweed Tiny House!


Other guests included Sage Radachowsky, who lives near the city in a self-built tiny house (you can check out a full video tour here)

AND Chris Haynes, who built a Tumbleweed XS AND a Tumbleweed Bodega in MA recently. The guy did an amazing job! And you’ll see more from him soon!

Also, I hope to see some of you at the class I’m teaching in Vancouver, BC, or perhaps another workshop down the road! Do check out the details over on the “Workshops” page of the Tumbleweed site.

Until then, Stay Tiny! Or at least modestly sized….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


Tumbleweed Bumper Sticker Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kim Kasl’s “If you can read this, you’re in my backyard” bumper sticker submission. From over 6,000 entries submitted by our dedicated fans, Kim’s was chosen by the Tumbleweed staff as the winner.

We’ve created two different bumper sticker designs to choose from to fit your own personal style. Visit CafePress to get your very own.



Thank you to all those who participated in making this one of Tumbleweed’s most successful contests ever.

We had so many great other entries, here are just a few that were in the running for 1st place.

  • Home is where the Hitch is
  • Can’t choose your family — but you can choose your neighbors!
  • Permanent stay—cation
  • This IS my other house!
  • Treasure your relationships, not your possessions.
  • Footloose and foundation free
  • Does this house make my truck look fat?
  • tiny house, BIG yard!
  • Foreclose this!
  • Home is where you park it.
  • Home — don’t leave home without it.

Big Dreams! How Nicola Marchi Came To Be A Tumbleweed Designer

Nicola-tumbleweed-designBig Dreams For A Tiny Movement — How Nicola Marchi Came To Design For Tiny Tumbleweed.

“You can design your way out of any problem, given enough notice.” These are the sage words of Italian native and the newest addition to the Tumbleweed design department, Nicola Marchi. Solving just such a problem as part of a study assignment at the Illinois Institute of Technology led Nicola to discover Tumbleweed. He was immediately struck by the houses, “I thought they offered solutions to so many of the issues we encounter in our modern society today.”

Soon after graduating, Nicola attended a Tumbleweed Workshop in Seattle, and was immensely impressed by designer Ross Chapin, who presented there. At the end of the workshop Nicola approached Ross and asked if he knew of any architects in the area looking for interns. As luck would have it, Tumbleweed’s President, Steve Weissman just happened to be standing 5 feet away and he was looking for a Tumbleweed design intern!

The rest is history…Nicola moved to Sonoma, CA to join the Tumbleweed design team as an intern in February 2013 and was immediately given a heavy-duty assignment: design a purpose-built trailer specifically for Tumbleweed’s houses-to-go. It was an overwhelming assignment but Nicola worked diligently to bring it to fruition. And now Tumbleweed can claim the “first” purpose-built trailer for the tiny house-to-go market.


Nicola’s brilliant trailer design is now offered in 3 lengths with 3 different porch configurations and is built to the highest standards of strength and durability. The custom trailer eliminates the aggravation of locating, purchasing and converting an existing trailer on which to build a house—and you can rest assured that the strict requirements necessary to carry a house have all been met and exceeded!

Nicola is now working on his next top secret project—one that’s sure to take the tiny house movement by storm yet again.

When not designing for Tumbleweed, Nicola loves to hike, ski, snow-board and is an avid reader, with a special affinity for science fiction. Nicola lives in a 14′x7′ space near Tumbleweed’s HQ in Sonoma, which fits well with his passion for sustainable living.



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