Powering our Tiny House, Off the Grid: The SolMan Portable Solar Generator


If this house looks familiar to you, it probably because you’ve seen “Tiny, The Movie”, Christopher Smith wonderful tiny movie about his experience building a tiny house. Did you know that there house is powered by SolMan solar generator? Read more about it here. Find out why Christopher chose SolMan and why you might want to do so as well.


By Brett Torrey Haynes — March 15, 2013

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  • Electronicottage

    If the roof were changed to vertical panel metal roofing, he could add  thin-film photovoltaic (PV) laminates, and have an all-in-one solution.  He wouldn’t need to haul the panels and set them up, they would stay on the roof at all times, and reduce the overall weight as well.

    • Chaz

      One of the reasons that folks are going with a solar generating unit not
      attached to the roof, is that frees you up for a variety of placements
      on your tiny home, and not having to consider one side of the roof orientation towards south, with no trees or shade in the way.

      Now, if you knew exactly where your tiny home was going to be located, and you had a good all day exposure on the one side of the roof, then that would be a good situation to do roof mounted solar or these new PV roof laminates.    Understand that for PV input to be good,  you need 6 to 8 hours of full sun on the mounted location, no shade.  

      If you are moving your tiny home, and may like it in the shade, roof mounted PV will not work for you.   A separate PV ground mount array,
      or even better a wheel mounted solar generator like the SolMan will be more ideal.   With a portable system, you can move the PV panels into the best sun, and even solar track thru the day, for a 30% boost in daily PV watt/hours, over a fixed solar setup.  

      Chaz Peling


    • Ohthewater

      That sounds interesting – can you share links to more info? Thank you

  • wendy

    this is a great idea for someone who has to be away from their main home for their job! OR college kid! OR if you need an extra room for company or as a segway to your kids moving out.. SOOO many options! 

    • Glenn

      Segway to kids moving out, what? Again?? They can buy the house and I could move off-grid, but what about security, shopping, health services, internet service providers, and neighbors with whom to gossip?  

  • Susan Anderson

    This is a great house, tiny but has a huge job.

  • Mike

    “Their” House… Sorry brother, I am a grammar nazi. Great article you have here!

    • Gin Di Battista

      So… do you commit genocide by killing all of those people who use improper grammar?

      Sorry brother, but I don’t like it when people use the terms ” [grammar] nazi.”



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