Say Yes! to Ella


Another Tumbleweed rises! Our friend and fan Ella just landed a sweet spot in the latest issue of Yes! Magazine. Ella’s Fencl tiny house is coming along nicely and it’s good to see her getting some press. You can read all about her build on her blog. One of my favorite details about Ella is that she has never built a thing before and it was attending one of our workshops that gave her the impetus to make the leap. Now look at her Fencl and tell me the workshops don’t work. Sign up now to attend one in your area. Go Ella!


By Brett Torrey Haynes — March 15, 2013

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  • AEB

    Ella’s dad deserves a ton of credit for helping out. Having supportive family and friends makes all of the difference.

  • Maria

    I love her and Little Yellow

  • Richardeeller

    You go girl!!!

  • Chachingck1

    Way to go Ella, I think you are a inspiration to all those sitting on the fence.  

    All you get is splinters!  Get a Fencl instead~


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