Seattle Tiny House Workshop Re-cap (Part 2)


This is Part 2 of 2 of a guest post from our very own tiny house builder and entrepreneur, Pepper Clark. Please join Pepper on March 24th and 25th for her own workshop in Asheville, NC! 

Sunday begins, and as the day goes on Dee has the students use full scale diagrams of various tiny houses marked out in tape on the floor so we can all “walk through” our design ideas. Lots of great questions come up, and the audience benefits from the unique opportunity to have them fielded by five different tiny house designers and builders.

I eat lunch with three ladies from the workshop and enjoy talking with them about composting worms, chickens, cooking, and great books we recommend to each other. After lunch, Abel Zimmerman, creator of wonderful and unique tiny houses like the Fortune Cookie, speaks about electrical and plumbing systems. Later we’re joined by tiny house builder Candice and a wonderful local couple who were inspired by Candice’s experience to build their own tiny house, which is in progress right now. The pure joy that radiates from Candice as she walks through the tape design on the floor explaining to all of us where everything is in her tiny house lights up the room. I’ll never forget her blissful description of her cherry red cabinetry and her kitty using the loft skylight to access a feline highway across her roof and how happy these simple aspects of her home
make her.
Toward the end of the day on Sunday, the four workshop presenters – Jay, Dee, Deek, and I – all get together in front of the workshop audience to film a Q & A session. Jay starts it off with an introductory opening where we ask each other questions and make comments about the tiny house world. We stray into wacky subtopics and jokes, perhaps because a certain giddiness is bubbling between us from enjoying so much time in good company. After Steve begins feeding us questions collected from workshop attendees we settle into answering them and wrap up the Q & A just at the end of the workshop. As has become the custom at the last several Tumbleweed workshops, we let everybody know that they’ll get an email inviting them to join a common mailing list that includes only the members of that specific workshop, so if they want to opt-in they can keep in touch with each other afterward.
On Monday we meet at the hotel cafe to read through evaluations and figure out the workshop flow. The people say they want more hands on interaction, so we talk a lot about samples, demos, extending the use of tape on the floor for creating floor plans, and bringing models we can easily break down and set up. During a long lunch we walk to the harbor steps, admire the gum wall in Post Alley, make our way to Pike’s Place market, eat lunch, take a few pictures of ourselves sitting on the bronze pig, and fetch some sticky notes on our way back to the hotel.
Monday afternoon, Deek and I talk through things we’d like to add to the workshop book and slideshow, and our ideas of how we’ll present the upcoming workshops we’ll be leading. The tables are covered with sticky notes representing every topic in the schedule and we bounce ideas off each other for hours. We get the schedule and extra content nailed down for our workshops, and everyone leaves with plenty of homework; finalizing trip logistics, planning and building models, collecting material samples, finding new photos, and writing curriculum.
Monday night is relaxed, as we all socialize for the last time in beautiful, clean, friendly Seattle, where the bartenders have seen it all and can still smile right into your eyes. When will we ever be in the same place at the same time again? Who knows, but probably not soon. All I know is I have over forty fascinating items in my “Seattle Notes”, and I will treasure every conversation, every inspiration, every moment of this extraordinary weekend for the rest of my life.
To find a workshop in your area and share the tiny house experience with others, visit our Workshops page here! 

By Bridget Thornton — March 15, 2013

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