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You will love this video of Dee Williams, produced by the National Building Museum for their “House and Home” exhibit. If you are planning to go to the Santa Fe workshop, Dee will be showing the video and letting you in on all the behind-the-scenes goodness. Why not join us in Santa Fe?


By Brett Torrey Haynes — March 15, 2013

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  • Jill

    That is awesome….I just not sure if she shares the family’s washroom and shower?

    • Sotru

      I was wondering that too.  Especially the toilet situation.  Plumbing definitely puts you into the bureaucracy sights.

  • future Fencle owner

    Love these houses. Too bad most zoning laws prevent folks from living full time in one on their own land. Case in point, this very website that announced that people from Boston have to sell their Epu due to zoning laws.

    • Msamandanichols

      Also a future Fencl owner. Do you know how I can learn about the zoning laws in my area? Are they by city? County?

      • Sotrue

        The short answer is both.  However, in some areas it is only one.  In that case it is usually the city.  Either way, calling either one will get you to the correct one.

    • Helen Behd

      The laws need to be changed. These laws are designed to keep people enslaved to houses they can’t afford and don’t meet their needs. Zoning laws aren’t making enough MONEY off tiny housing.  People need to start getting a grassroots to change these laws. Take back your power, it starts with having the human right of affordable housing.  

      • Richardfrank27

        Then let’s vote for small government this time. Many of the zoning laws are simply placed there to give someone a job that you and I have to pay for.  Not what our founding leaders had in mind.

  • Helen Behd

    The Powers That Be are keeping people from having freedom over their housing situation. THIS IS WRONG. And what are we the people going to do about it?

  • Desire

    I bought the plans, I just don’t understand how to read it or what I need to buy OR the very own tools needed… Ahh this is going to be hard

  • Seans9305

    very cool always liked them wife has too many shoes and purses and where to put the classic car.

  • SesameB

    excellent. Just excellent. This is sooooo rural living Arkansas, too.


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