Tiny Porch Design For Your Tiny Tumbleweed Home

tumbleweed-tiny-porch-016-MWhen looking at pictures of tiny houses with tiny porches, there’s often a part of the mind that wonders whether this space wouldn’t be better made use of inside the living area instead of out. It is a logical thought when considering every ½” of your design, but I want to highlight some of the saving graces to tiny porches that I believe make them worth it.

Using Your Tiny Porch As An Exterior Work Surface

During construction, I quickly got over my uncertainty about the Fencl half-porch when it became one of my primary work surfaces. Being level and close to the project, I clamped, cut and sanded lumber, and put together countless small sections of my house there. Now the build is done, I still use the tiny porch as a work surface whenever I have projects I’m likely to make a mess with.

A Transitional Place to Sit

I love to sit on my tiny porch when the weather is nice. Out there I’m not quite in my house, but I haven’t really left either. Even though I have places for sitting further away, I always prefer the tiny porch.

Your Tiny Porch—A Shelter From the Storm

When you come home in the evening and it’s raining cats, dogs and small hamsters, having a covered area to hover in for the moment it takes to get your door open is quite the relief.

The Classic House

Aside from functional benefits, porches are a familiar aspect of the classic house image. Small as they are on a tiny house, the attached exterior space still imparts the distinct look and feel of a complete house.

So there you have some reasons why tiny porches can be practical even in tiny spaces. Anyone considering going porch-less?

- Ella Jenkins
Workshop Presenter

  • Wendy Powell

    I do love the idea of a porch on a small fencl home – however, I also like the idea of having the entire sq footage for house. Any more ideas/designs out there for fold down porches? I’ve seen only a few …

  • Rebecca

    I like the porches; they protect in bad weather as you enter, and provide a psychological transition from outside to inside. As I design my “cabin” I have listed functions instead of rooms needed. One secondary function the door can fulfill is for a window/view outside, without sacrificing wall space… and the porch roof then has a secondary function of shading the window from heat gain.

  • RandyKnapp

    Well said, Ella!! I’m a porch person, too. The loss of interior space is something that I’m wrestling with now, as I really like the full porch (Walden) look…So, I’m leapfrogging off JT and designing a Walden to fit on the new 20′ trailer that fits my “life design” better (Thanks for the life design term, by the way…got that from you in Boston. hehehe)

  • Megan Garcia

    Ella, How big is your porch? Is it 3ft x 3ft? And how big is your door (opening and with frame)?


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