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Meg Stephens, Lead House Designer

Dear Tiny House enthusiasts,

As Tumbleweed’s lead designer, I have been expanding our family of House-To-GoTM models. We think of the family names in two ways:  as external models and internal floor plans.

You asked for flexibility with floor plans and home lengths, and the house names should create a logical way to select from 21 different homes.  

Our exterior models are based on nature.

How do these models differ?  The Elm has a nice porch and iconic lancet window to greet you. Our Cypress features an aesthetically-appealing recessed porch and hipped roof. The new Linden has classic proportions, a full porch, open sitting room and innovative loft. And the Mica offers one-floor living, in modern home clad with hot-rolled weathering steel.


Our internal floor plans are based on views.

How do these floor plans differ? We name these plans based on their bedroom perspectives, with loft and downstairs sleeping quarters.  These unique names also reflect living space arrangements for sleeping, great rooms, kitchen areas and more.

  • Equator – with multiple sleeping spaces or a downstairs office space
  • Horizon – with generous loft space along with a twin/twin bunk bedroom
  • Arise – with nice kitchen views, more private sleeping and living quarters
  • Overlook – with the largest living space, in the great room
  • Clear – with one-level living, in a full-size bedroom, separate kitchen and bath

We hope you enjoy selecting the Tumbleweed house that fits you best.


Meg Stephens

P.S.  For those who knew our homes by other names, the well-regarded and original Walden, Fencl, Lusby and Popomo designs now fit into their new families. The Walden is an Elm 18’ Overlook. Our Fencl is called the Cypress 18’ Overlook.  The Lusby answers to the name Elm 18’ Equator. Last but not least, the Popomo is renamed the Mica 20’ Clear. We have retired smaller homes from our line-up:  X-S, Vardo, Weebie and Epu — and you now can get Vardo plans free!

  • Tristan

    I love Tumbleweed’s houses and appreciate the effort to offer more choices. But the new naming system complicates things considerably for your potential customers, as it’s not intuitive. From the consumer’s perspective, shopping for and buying a tiny house (a house which is simple in its very essence) should be as streamlined as possible. Though they were apparently created to make things easier while offering more options, you’ll likely find that the new names and options instead are roadblocks to purchasing.

  • Jason Cristina Young

    I was wondering if you still sold the plans to X-S house? My wife and I are looking forward to building this tiny house. Thank you

    • Jeanie Watson

      Hi Jason… I have the XS plans and bought them when they were available. I don’t see them on the site anymore. I wonder why. Anyway, if you are interested in my plans, I am selling them (because I am currently building a yurt) – Jeanie

    • steve_tumbleweed

      Jason, email us for a set of XS plans.

      • David Bryant

        Steve, how much do plans cost for the X-S, Epu, and/or Weebee?

  • JIC Designs

    I’m “planning” on buying your plans. Love the new plans that have a bedroom downstairs and one upstairs. That and the 24 foot plans sealed the deal in my mind. I have 2 questions though. 1. Can I buy the old plans still (I want to build a second smaller house like the X-S for my son who will be graduation High School. Want to get him off on the right foot. 2. I will need to purchase a trailer and truck and noticed you say under the Towing page that you have weights listed, but didn’t see where they are. Any help here would be great.

  • Melinda Soto

    Do you have plans that include stackable laundry space?

  • na

    Indeed good tutorial.

  • Wilo

    Hello I would like to purchase the XS plans, but I am not able to find the buy now button. Can someone direct me to the correct location to get XS plans on this site. Thank you :)

  • Steven McDonald

    Even though the plans for the Epu were retired are they available anywhere?

  • Jakob

    I would like to build the XS house but they seem to be unavailable on your website, so cold you email the link to purchasing the plans.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Roberta

    I have been following Tumbleweed since the very beginning and I am disappointed that the actual mini houses have been retired. They are the ones that are truly economical and much easier to tow as I do not plan on staying in one place for a long time. Couldn’t you just post them as free? Obviously they weren’t your best selling plans.

    • natureofthefleeced

      I’m in the same boat. Will these plans become available again?

  • Mary Tipps

    I have three kids still at home, one is a full-sized teenager. I am so interested in this tiny house revolution – the idea of living mortgage-free and more simply makes me SO excited! I am not finding solutions for permanent living for a family of five – are you guys working on that? Is it possible?

    • John Leeper

      You should read Surfwise about a surfing family with 7 kids that lived in a motor home on the beach….Ideal? Not according to kids, but there IS a way if you think it through.

  • Deanna Beesley

    Where can I find the XS plans?

  • tyrannicide

    Hi Meg! Is there anyway that we can get our hands on Jay’s old XS plans?


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