What’s new with Derek “Deek” Diedricksen at Tumbleweed

Hey Tumbleweedians!

First, to spread the word about what I do with Tumbleweed, and with tiny housing and design in general, I’ve started a new Facebook discussion/tiny house page- where you can also reach me with building, design, and workshop questions- its


I just wanted to thank those involved with the very recent Boston, MA workshop for being such a kick-butt, super-friendly, open-minded, awesome group. I had an absolute blast teaching the class, we were able to unveil/introduce one of Tumbleweed’s newest team members, solar-guru Ross Beck, AND, we even got to go on a field trip to visit THE FIRST EVER built Tumbleweed Tiny House!


Other guests included Sage Radachowsky, who lives near the city in a self-built tiny house (you can check out a full video tour here)

AND Chris Haynes, who built a Tumbleweed XS AND a Tumbleweed Bodega in MA recently. The guy did an amazing job! And you’ll see more from him soon!

Also, I hope to see some of you at the class I’m teaching in Vancouver, BC, or perhaps another workshop down the road! Do check out the details over on the “Workshops” page of the Tumbleweed site.

Until then, Stay Tiny! Or at least modestly sized….

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


By Adam Gurzenski — June 20, 2013

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